gong bath


Get comfortable with your blanket and pillow, and allow the waves of sound to wash through you and do their magic. The sounds from the gongs offer you a powerful healing tool, their vibration will move through all your cells, releasing energy, cleanse and re-energise you and send you into a deep nourishing relaxation.

1 hour Gong experience £200 for up to 10 people (£20 pp)


3 hour immersion experience for you to be taken on a unique journey into your subconscious; and the healing powers of the source energy field.
I can create a bespoke package for you and your group of 4.
What can you choose?
**Gong Bath, Cacao Ceremony, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Journey, Drumming Circle, Chakra Balancing, Oracle Readings, Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony, Crystal Healing.
All of these will be set within a venue surrounded by woodland & nature energy. This will allow you to completely feel as if you’ve “dropped out” of your everyday world into a space of deep relaxation, contemplation and a moment to “be”. There is nothing for you to “do”, just surrender into a space of pleasure that you really do deserve.
For 4 Friends or more.
£50 pp for a 2 hour immersion
£75 pp for a 3 hour immersion
*£5 pp add on for Cacao or Blue Lotus Tea Ceremonies.
Couples experience:
2 hours £150
3 hours £225
1-1 sessions are £75 per hour if you would like to experience a Gong Bath or any other treatment.
* With 10 different gongs, you are surrounded by the healing waves of sound, you feel the vibrations as you are cocooned by the beautiful sounds.
To contact Sara, email her on sara@crystal-clear-perspective.co.uk