green woodworking

green woodworking courses

Joe Keppie-Bray loves crafting with natural materials and has been practising the art of green wood working for many years. He enjoys sharing his passion for green crafts and teaching people about the natural world in relaxed and exploratory workshops.

And about the course:

Start by learning about the types and nature of wood, and then techniques to safely shape it. Select your piece and cut it to size with a saw. Next, using the natural grain of the wood, begin roughing out the shape with a small hand axe. Finish off by smoothing out the edges and adding finesse with a sharp knife, and adding the bowl if you’re making a spoon.

Butter knife making and Spatula making are both half day courses. £55pp

Spoon making is a full day (with some more time spent discussing different woods and techniques) £75pp

Minimum group size is 2 and maximum is 6 people.

If you have any questions, want to check availability or book, please contact Joe directly by email  joedkb@googlemail.com