wild swimming

Our camps are located in fantastic locations for a wild swim. Some of the best in the UK, in fact. Our team are big fans of a cold water dip and we can recommend some nearby spots. At Campwell woods, we have use of a lake* at the bottom of the valley which many have used for a tranquil dip over the years. Batheaston also has a great easy access point to the River Avon from the car park on the high street opposite the fish and chip shop (very convenient)

Campwell farm, the River Avon is within 30 mins walk or a short drive. The various points that are popular are under Dundas Aqueduct, Avoncliff (above the weir) and Warleigh weir which can get very busy in the holidays.

Please be sure to take care if you consider this activity and do your research before jumping in – there are dangers to be considered and there are no lifeguards on duty. Some key advice is always swim with a buddy and plan your entry and exit points well beforehand

*Please note: the owners reserve the right to have access, maintain and have some private use of the lake a few times each year for around 24hrs at a time. This may sometimes come with as little as a week’s notice. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, so please keep your timings and expectations flexible with your use of this spot. Thank you for your understanding.