woodworking courses

Cherry wood was founded and built using traditional green woodworking techniques. We will continue to offer guests the option to try out woodworking courses during their stay.

spatula workshop – £40pp / £35pp when booking for 2+ people

Over this 2-hour workshop, you will learn the basics of carving green wood. You will start with a spatula blank and using only a straight knife, you will learn the safe and efficient way of creating a beautiful, functional and ergonomic product. Not only will you take home your very own hand-made spatula, you’ll also take home the skills to go on and make other utensils on your own

spoon carving worksop – £75pp / £65pp when booking for 2+ people

Over the course of the day, learn all about the greenwood process as you take a piece of wood from log to spoon. Using an axe, a straight knife and a spoon knife, you will learn the most effective ways to cut and shape the wood into a functional cooking spoon for you to take home. Learn about greenwood, sourcing tools, sharpening, and all the other skills you’ll need to start carving spoons on your own at home!

Email Nick, our woodworker-in-residence at nick.appleton2859@gmail.com

Maximum group size 5 people.