yoga + massage


Zuzu helps run our Woods site,  looks after our guests enquiries and bookings and also offers wonderful yoga sessions and massages.  

Yoga takes place in the secluded Roundhouse,  a very unique, hand built and natural building. Staying cool when the summer heat rises and warmed with a wood burning stove on cooler days it’s a perfect space. Zuzu’s class is Hatha style yoga, with flowing sequences, moments of stillness, cultivating core strength, healthy alignment and connection to your breath. Sessions will leave you feeling refreshed, more spacious and connected, fully landed into your body and the beautiful woods around you. Costs for a private yoga class £50 /1hr (up to 4 people), group class £12pp (group of 5+), discounts available for large groups (10+) .

Breathwork sessions can take place in the Roundhouse or outdoors in the woods. Breath is life, we don’t think about it often, not realising how restricted it can become when we are stressed. By consciously working with our breath we can transform our experience of ourselves, how we interact with life, calm our nervous system or energise the body. The session starts with gentle stretches to relax the ‘breathing muscles’ and open up the body, so deeper breath becomes available. It can then be focused either on learning different breathing techniques to destress, relax and energise, or you can go on a more intense breath journey that resets your nervous system and brings more clarity. The cost The cost is £40 for private session (up to 4 people), or £10pp for group of 5 or more.  

Zuzu’s treatment room can be found by the geodome next to the Woods carpark. Her massage style will take you into blissful relaxation, while working deep into the tense areas. She draws on wide range of techniques, including myofascial release, Swedish and deep tissue massage, remedial massage, pregnancy massage, sports therapy and rehabilitation. Whether you just want to relax or get help with specific issue (injury, back pain, headaches, scar tissue, etc) she can support you. Costs for private individual massage treatments are £65/ 1hr, £85 /1.5hrs.

Contact Zuzu by email at consciousbodytherapies@gmail.com for availability and booking.


Holly is an experienced Health Professional who, during the challenges of the Global Pandemic, recognised that there was an increasing need to be able to ‘escape and manage the pressures of everyday life’.  She believes in the power of yoga practice to assist individuals to heal mind, body, and soul ‘freeing them up’ to connect with their true/inner selves.

Holly has been practising yoga for ten years and teaching for two.  She offers Pranayama (breath work) Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Hormone yoga.  Believing that ANYONE; Any age, any ability can practice she offers therapeutic yoga tailored to suit individuals needs.

Sessions can take place outdoors or in the Roundhouse at the Farm which is a perfect space to unwind It also has a wood burner so can be used in all seasons.

Costs for a private yoga class £50 /1hr (up to 4 people), group class £12pp
(group of 5+), discounts available for large groups (10+).

Please contact Holly directly for availability and booking by email pollyalexisandrews@hotmail.co.uk