We look forward to welcoming you to camp and giving you an adventure to look forward to. Here are some reasons why you can feel confident about booking with us…




Cancel for ANY reason from 60 – 2 days before your stay date and you can expect a full refund. Valid for new bookings for August 1st 2020 to August 2021. For July bookings, we will do our best to accommodate your needs for cancellations related to Covid-19 but recommend you take out your own insurance also.




    • Safe stations marked out (with tape on surfaces) for cooking and eating to maintain social distancing measures
    • Hand washing facilities increased and made clear and easily available with sanitising hand wash
    • We will be increasing our stock of anti-bacterial sprays and paper towels 
    • Sanitising of ‘high-touch’ areas such as worktop surfaces, door handles, cupboard handles, log basket handles, cooking hob knobs, and bin lids between guest occupation.
    • Sanitised gloves will be worn by all staff when making up beds for guests to minimise chances of transmission.




    • Cleaning products (a multi purpose spray and paper towels)
    • Cooking & eating equipment: Each accommodation will have its own kitchen utensils, cooking and eating equipment. We ask they are returned as found (cleaned in hot soapy water)
    • Linen bags – we kindly request for guests to strip their own bed linen into our bags after their stay to prevent possible transmission to our staff.


  • People per accommodation space (for mixed groups) will be reduced to remain consistent to social distancing measures. This will depend on the spaces you book, so please ask our team.


  • Covid-19 friendly things to do, where to get food and takeaways etc will be provided as we are clearer on each attraction and business nearer your stay date. There are a number of great takeaway options and possibly some superb eat-in options by then too. Fortunately, we have lots of space here, so lots of fresh air, nature and exploring will allow you to enjoy your stay with us.


Please note: some of these items may be subject to change due to new guidelines or improvements as they appear. Please bear with us – we are doing our best to adapt in these times.




For the safety of all visitors, we ask you remain consistent with government guidelines at all times. In our case, this will include:

  • Social distancing (more than 2m/ 6ft) from other guests from other households during your stay would make potential transmissions less likely.
  • Wash your hands regularly, particularly when coming into contact with shared facilities. If you like, you can also bring your own alcohol hand gel sanitisers for convenience.
  • If you are regarded as ‘vulnerable’ or feeling any potential Covid-19 related symptoms, we request you stay at home please. Cancellations can be made with us by emailing us. For new bookings made after August 1st 2020, we can offer full refunds only if cancelled between 60 – 2 days before your stay date.
  • Food storage: If you would like to bring your own cool box and food storage containers (pest proof ideally), this may prove useful to avoid having to use the shared fridge. And you can also bring your own bed linen should you prefer it (and let us know)
  • Kids! If you bring children, we ask if you can keep them abiding by the government guidelines, as much as possible. If they want to play with other kids – please check with their parents if they are happy with that. 


Thanks all for your understanding and do get in touch with any questions.

Tim & Team x