our vision and values

Campwell is a philosophy, a way of living more naturally and consciously with our environment that draws on the old and the new.

Founded in 2019 by Tim Bowles, Campwell aspires to help us reconnect with nature and to live more harmoniously with it. The main values we live by are


The modern world needs to reconnect with nature now more than ever. We aim to inspire the world to live by our values though our stories and experiences. It’s time for us all to rethink how we live and move forwards.


“We can’t all live in nature, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live naturally”  Tony Riddle




Campwell at Cherry Wood epitomises our philosophy, hosting guests at an off-grid and eco-friendly camp at Cherry Wood, near Bath.

A labour of love from green woodworker Tim Gatfield, the venue encompasses a carefully created, low-impact village of shelters and lodges in a woodland valley.

You’ll step out of time, immediately reconnecting with nature, the stillness and sounds of the wilderness entering your soul.

The village is home to yurts, log cabins, cob roundhouses and rustic timber facilities with showers, composting toilets and kitchens. Amongst the woods, hearing wildlife and taking in views across the valley will reawaken your senses, bringing calm and clarity. You can even take a walk down to the beautiful valley lake or even further, for the River Avon.

The wilderness is yours to explore, an oasis of tranquility that feels miles from home, even if you’re within easy reach of the city of Bath.

Our unique site has been painstakingly constructed over the years, using local, natural resources and calling on a community of like-minded people, united in their desire to create and exist in the natural world. The structures on site have been handcrafted using timber from the woods and ancient building techniques, conversing with the woodland rather than interrupting it.

The homely feel and charm of the camp dovetails with the raw, wild environment of the woodland, encouraging you to enter into your own dialogue with the natural while also housing you in relative comfort.

While you’re here, go foraging for food, hiking the hills (via village pubs), or join in with a class including yoga, wild fitness, archery, paddleboarding or bushcraft.

We also offer woodworking courses, rewilding, shanty singing, animation workshops and many more. Just ask.



Jess Till – Yoga instructor. Massage/ holistic therapist. Personal trainer. Full of positive vibes and smiles.

Arron Collins-Thomas – Qi Gong instructor, Acupuncture and fitness classes in his Bath gym



Elise Bricollani – a superb chef celebrating produce, land & people

Beth the Free Range Chef – super talented veggie chef




Will Barsley – Resident Campwell manager and skilled woodworker. Launching courses in Spring 2020.

Kirby – Resident coppice manager and talented ash-splint craftsman. Runs courses and volunteer days in the hazel coppice at Cherry Wood.



Original Wild – Wild adventures available around Bath, including paddleboarding, raft building, hiking and archery, to name a few

The Farm Camp – our sister site, just 20 minutes drive from Cherry Wood. With the same philosophy on a family farm. Farmcraft activities available.

resources we love

The Farm Camp – our sister site, just 20 minutes drive from Cherry Wood. With the same philosophy on a family farm.

The Wim Hoff method– The Iceman. Find your inner fire with these scientifically-proven methods. Rewilding at its purest!





wild retreats and wellbeing

We intend on working with our specialist partners to create life-changing experiences for our guests. Whether you want to manage stress better, learn to cook on fires or simply spend some quality time with some like-minded folks – we will cater for all.

From 2020, we will be releasing a number of courses, wellbeing workshops and retreats, so sign up to the newsletter or follow our social media accounts for updates