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simple. natural. adventure.

Campwell founder, Tim Bowles, after 5 generations on the family farm, broke with family tradition and moved to London and then Hong Kong for more exciting and rewarding work in advertising and then wine sales. However, as he experienced the world outside becoming more and more connected, it seemed to become increasingly disconnected, lonely and empty. So, he headed back home in search of a better life.

In rebuilding a new life on the family farm; reconnection with nature and simple living became the basis for his own rewilding and new enterprise, “The Farm Camp” in 2013 (now “Campwell farm”). This off-grid eco camp was created to inspire people to live more real, balanced and simpler lives. Adventures away from screens, reconnecting with others, themselves and our natural environment. He believes our future health and the health of our planet is all about this re-connection.

Since growing a strong bond with Tim Gatfield and the Cherry Wood Project since 2013, the opportunity arose to take it on and reopen as ‘Campwell woods’ in 2020 with a similar ethos and experience to ‘Campwell farm’. He is a proud dad and family man and always relishes the next adventure.

Campwell is now aiming to inspire visitors to live more harmoniously with nature at it’s unique off-grid, eco-friendly camps and experiences. Donations are made to tree-planting schemes with every booking and are well on the way to becoming carbon neutral. Our core values are ‘simple’, ‘natural’ and ‘adventure’. We try to maintain these throughout our lives, business activities and the experiences we create, in the hope we can be the change we want to see in the world.

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