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simply wild enough

Hi folks, I’m Tim.

As a kid, I had a slightly unhealthy addiction to making campfires. Our family farm was my playground and I always felt most alive and free when staring into those calming flames, feeling the warm glow on my face and dirt under my fingernails. Sharing these moments with my Dad, friends and family were golden memories.

As I grew older, the world convinced me that I would be better off indoors, living a faster-paced, more digital and busier life. I unlearnt a lot about myself and the world working in London’s advertising scene and Hong Kong’s wine trade. I was successful, but felt lost and anxious with something lacking. So, I gambled with conforming and moved home with my girlfriend (now wife) in 2013 to rediscover myself again.

I created an off-grid campsite on the family farm called ‘The Farm Camp’, which was rooted in nature connection and simple living. We often found less was more. Campfires were central, of course, and this was where we found our calling to do more than just stays. In 2016, we started hosting wellbeing retreats called ‘campwell’ where we had a digital detox and cooked, ate and talked openly around the fire. It was magical and I felt alive once again. By blowing on those embers, my inner fire burnt brighter. In 2019, we rebranded the site to ‘campwell farm’ when we took on our second beautiful site ‘campwell woods’. Our guests tell us they experience a great sense of calmness, clarity and connection with us that can feel life-changing. We want to bring that feeling to the world.

I still love waking up with the smell of campfire smoke in my hair. I feel like I’m on the right path when that happens. One that’s more real, calm and fun – a world I hope my kids get to enjoy. I hope we can meet around the fire one day and remind ourselves how to burn brighter. You might also find me at the river, after co-founding IceBreakers in 2020 – a beautiful thing that makes me and other men feel truly alive.

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