Our beautiful new large wood-fired sauna (with optional cold water) is available to our guests and the local community in Winsley, near Bath and Bradford on Avon

community sauna

Shared with others. 60 mins, Thurs – Sunday. £15pp.

private sauna

Have it to yourself. 60 mins, Thurs – Sunday. £75 for 1-5 people. Extra adults above 5ppl are £15pp.

women’s sauna

exclusively for the girls. 7pm. £15pp

men’s sauna

exclusively for the men. 7pm. £15pp


Heartfelt gifts for loved ones

e: sauna@campwell.co.uk
t: +44(0)1225 582246


health benefits of sauna / contrast therapy

  • heart health
  • immune system boost
  • improved sleep
  • exercise recovery
  • energy regulation
  • mental health
  • improved brain power

The health benefits are so numerous that they are now popping up all around the UK.



This sauna was locally handcrafted and is in a pop-up location by the farm barn until the spring 2024 when it returns to its fir-tree woodland home up at the camp. We will display availability for up to 3 months in advance. Community sessions can be booked up to 3 hrs before the session and take up to 10 people and Private bookings need to be 24hrs+ for up to 12 people or get in touch

We also have a beautiful sauna at Campwell Woods (near Marshfield), which may be available for winter private bookings for groups of 5-8 people or more at same rates, subject to availability. Email sauna@campwell.co.uk with your enquiries with subject ‘Campwell Woods Sauna enquiry’

Sauna Etiquette

Sauna Terms and Conditions


Swimwear, 2 towels (one to sit on and one to dry off with),a full water bottle (not metal), a pair of flip flops to use in the outdoor shower might be useful but not essential.

Please park in the gravel area behind the barn. We do have a shared car park with other facilities at the Farm and usually it’s easy to find a space in the evening but maybe busier in the afternoons please bear that in mind although there is plenty of street parking in the village of Winsley a few minutes walk away.

We have a designated communal area with benches and hooks but space is limited so suggest you bring as little as possible and come with your swimwear under your clothes so you can quickly change and be sauna ready. In the winter months, we suggest you bring some warm layers of clothing to change into post sauna.

No so suggest you leave these at home or in your car, we also
suggest that you remove jewellery if possible before entering the sauna as some metals can get very hot.

We have a no alcohol policy and reserve the right to refuse entry (without a refund) if anyone seems inebriated or intoxicated.

Please do not drink alcohol or consume drugs before coming to your sauna session, you will not be offered a refund.

The sauna is typically 65 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Arrive 5 minutes early so we can fill you in on everything you need to know about your sauna experience.

We recommend arriving with your swimwear on, so you don’t lose
valuable sauna time!

The most important thing is to relax and listen to your own body, everyone is different we recommend to maximise the benefits of the sauna you sit in the sauna for 10-15 minutes, followed by a cold shower or a plunge in the cold water bath or just simply stand outside, do what feels right for you.

Customers are not allowed to operate the stove (it is extremely hot!). You are allowed to ladle water onto the stones, using the equipment provided, you will be given instructions on how often to do this.

We are only offering sessions to those over the age of 18.